Babe of Brooklyn Beard Balm N°3

Babe of Brooklyn


B.A.B.E. of Brooklyn No. 3 Biker’s Brew Pomade (2 oz.)

No. 3, the Pomade of our beard care trio is higher in antioxidants, and was engineered for full beards.

Like its predecessors, Biker’s Brew, is a moisturizing balm, that conditions (softens) beard/hair. Lighter in texture yet strong enough to manage all skin and hair types. Provides medium hold when styling.

This natural, Grooming Pomade articulates each strand with a brilliant luster, calming flyways and polishing overall appearance.

Scoop small amount onto thumbnail and soften between fingers. Apply to slightly damp beard or mustache, coating each strand thoroughly. Dissolves rapidly with no excess. Use on beard/hair/hands/body.